Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

Release Notes - February 2023


New ✨

  • Preview your product’s availability and pricing without leaving the page! We’ve made creating and editing how your Products appear to your customers even easier with our new in-app Product Preview

Screen Recording 2023-02-23 at 10.03.47 AM.gif



  • The Inventory Calendar now gives you a better look at how your availability is being impacted. Open your side panel to quickly see your Shared Inventory details.

Inventory Calendar Rav's RM Emporium (Checkfront) 2023-02-23 at 3.01.03 PM.jpg

  • Your Xero integration has been updated to include mandatory Two-Factor Authority



  • Fixed an issue with the scheduling of hourly notifications where some notifications were sending earlier than expected
  • Fixed an issue where a system timezone mismatch caused date discrepancies on some Inventory Calendar dates
  • Fixed an issue where information provided in booking form fields was lost after the page was refreshed or cart edits were made in response to an error message

January Release Notes


New ✨


Buy Now, Pay Later powered by Uplift

Capture every possible sale with Checkfront Payment’s Buy Now, Pay Later. Open up more payment possibilities by allowing customers to pay for their experience in smaller payments over time. For more information, visit our knowledge base.


Discounts on Gift Certificates

We’re happy to announce you can now offer discounts on Gift Certificates! This additional feature to our Gift Certificates has been highly requested, so thank you for sharing your feedback! Explore this feature and see how you can leverage discounts and special offers to increase your revenue.

Checkfront Labs

Stay up to date with in-progress work on new features through our launch of Checkfront Labs!

We’re very excited to offer a way for our operators to interact directly with new features and functionality. Get early access and have a hand in shaping the future of Checkfront by going to Manage > Labs.

Right now, you’ll here find the following new features:

  • Inventory Tags: Create and attach tags on Items & Products, which can be used as sub-categories (like: location, seasons, or themes) for grouping inventory.
  • Copy Bookings: Save time with the ability to easily copy guest bookings! Checkfront invoices now have a “copy booking” option, allowing you to quickly rebook (and edit) with ease.
  • Booking Page Customizer: Easily customize fonts, sizing, and colours on your Booking Page with our new easy-to-use booking page customizer.
  • Vertical Navigation: This navigation menu is mobile-friendly, easier to scan, and allows more room for content on pages



  • Inventory Calendar Adjustments - the Inventory Calendar now provides greater insights into how your resources are being used across products and bookings
  • Product Builder Duration Rates use the current product's base rate and pricing type
  • Improved usability for sorting the order of which Product Upsells display in the customer booking flow



  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory Calendar was not displaying booking data as expected when hovering on a date
  • Fixed an issue in Site Builder where uploading an image to a blog post would result in the image becoming pixelated and having low resolution.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the Booking Widget didn’t resize as expected on webpages
  • Fixed an issue where Gift Certificate refunded amount was not added to the balance of the Gift Certificate as expected

Release Notes - December 2022



  • Customer Profiles now automatically update whenever additional information is received via a booking or guest form.



  • Fixed an issue on the Inventory Calendar where the summary of Total, Booked, and Available didn’t display the correct values based on Product configuration and bookings.
  • Fixed an issue where purged bookings did not update available inventory as expected

Release Notes - Nov 2022


New ✨

  • We’ve added a New Permission option that allows Admins to set who can input POS payments as paid in the past



  • Square payments can now be processed in-app and do not require the mobile app
  • We’ve improved our Wordpress website integration to allow multiple instances of a unique booking widget to display on the same page. This allows Operators to build an even more customized booking flow!



  • Fixed an issue where customers using custom receipt page options reported iframe issues for users that were paying by gift certificates
  • Fixed an issue with some restricted staff accounts that were unable to access all inventory on the inventory calendar
  • Fixed an issue where staff could not change the booking partner attribution when the booking was made staff-side.

Release Notes - Oct 2022


New ✨


Checkfront Payments

  • We’ve launched online payments that work perfectly with Checkfront. Easily process payments, issue receipts, and access detailed reporting. Harness the power of payments and take your business to the next level! Learn more here.


  • You can now sync your product availability with MyAllocator!



Inventory Calendar

  • Say hello to the improved Inventory Calendar: Faster, more responsive, and colour-coded for clarity.

Inventory Calendar - Reveal Loop.gif

  • Product inventory levels can now be adjusted per allocated asset (boats, bikes, cars, etc.) giving you even more control over your availability.

Inv cal adj.gif

Booking Flows

  • We’ve improved the experience for customers who use our Custom Receipt URL option




  • Fixed an issue where visual indications for the overbooking status was not showing as intended when Items are displayed within product grouping

  • Fixed an issue where product grouped packages’ item pricing did not display as expected when added during staff side booking edits

  • Fixed an issue were archived child items prevented active product-grouped items to be added when staff are editing an existing booking

  • Fixed an issue where editing a timeslot bookings incorrectly impacted the availability of package add-ons

Release Notes - Q3 Updates


New ✨

  • The GetYourGuide integration now works with the Product Builder.
  • Automated notifications can now be set to be sent on the hour!
  • You can now add a default status for partners to trigger email notifications and keep track of partner bookings as they come in.
  • We’ve added in-app notifications to let you know when a new booking has been made.



  • We’ve updated how to remove guests and their attached documents from a booking.
  • Email bounce notifications will automatically clear once a new booking email has been entered. Note you will need to update the booking status to re-trigger the email notification.
  • Customers can easily navigate back to the waiver when an external link is visited from a waiver.





  • Fixed an issue where package upsells were preventing some Operators from saving changes when editing a booking.


  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Manifest’s Assigned Asset details were not exporting as expected.
  • Fixed an issue on the Daily Manifest where some multi-day bookings did not show as expected when filtered by “Ending” or “In Progress.”


  • Fixed a discrepancy on the Waivers “updated date” when the customer is in a different timezone.


  • Fixed an issue with Product Upsell Packages where Guests were not mapping to upsell options as expected.


  • Fixed an issue that impacted GetYourGuide connectivity for some timeslot inventory.

Gift Certificates

  • Fixed an issue when refunding Gift Certificates where there was a discrepancy in rounded balances.

Booking Page

  • Fixed an issue that prevented mobile scrolling for some Site Builder booking pages.

Release - June 2022

Carding Prevention




We've improved the protection of your payment page

In an effort to improve the security of your payment page, our team has added a few new security measures to help protect operators from carding bots attacks.

If a payment attempt on your booking page fails many times, this may indicate that it could be a malicious attack. To protect you against this, the payment page will now prevent further attempts by that person for a safe period of time and prompt the booker to contact your company to complete the booking.

For added security on your payment pages, we always recommend activating ReCaptcha for a more secure payment flow. (Only available on certain payment gateways: Braintree, Moneris, Stripe and Square)

Release - June 2022

Site Switcher


New ✨


We're improving the way you switch between Checkfront sites!

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 12.55.44 PM.png

The Change Site feature is an easy way to switch between multiple Checkfront accounts where you have two or more User accounts that share the same email address.

If your email address is not associated with multiple Checkfront accounts, then this option does not display.

Release - March 2022

Login Update


New ✨


Checkfront is taking a proactive approach to your security and adding additional features to your account login page.

We'll be rolling these changes out gradually throughout all of April 2022 so we wanted to give you a heads up on what you can expect:

  • Updated the look and feel of the login page.
  • Enhanced technical security across the entire login experience.
  • Updated "Forgot Password" flow.

While the bulk of these changes take place in the background, you'll notice that we’ve simplified and updated our login page. This ensures your account details are secure so that you can handle your important business with additional peace of mind.

Release Notes - January 2022

Products, Payments and Translations


New ✨


We’re kicking off the year with some quality of life updates and fixes specific to the new Product Builder. More to come in the coming months!

New Features and Improvements





  • Improved Product default filter to better represent active Products at page load.
  • Product names are now clickable in addition to the SKU.


  • Sage Pay has been updated to reflect their new brand, Opayo.


  • Customers using Products are now able to write and access translations from the navigation bar under Manage -> Languages -> Customer Languages.

Bug Fixes




Booking Page

  • Resolved an issue that was causing certain bookings from Paid/Deposit status to Reserved.

User Accounts

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when updating a user account password under specific circumstances.