A new in-app search!

A new global search makes it easier to find bookings, guests, navigate pages, and pick-up where you recently left off.


Here's an overview of what's new

  • The search now displays what the result relates to, and where it links so that you can quickly find what you're looking for. As an example, searching a booking code will show who made the booking and link to that booking's invoice.
  • The following are now searchable:
    • Invoice notes
    • All non-archived booking form fields
    • All guest form fields and guest details (if using Guest Forms)
    • Booker names, emails, phone numbers, and fields (such as address)
    • Pages for quick-access
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to activate and navigate search results. Use / to trigger the search anywhere in-app, the up and down arrow keys to browse the search results, and enter to be taken directly to the selected search.
  • The last ten successful searches clicked will re-appear the next time you search for quick access to previously viewed bookings or guests

Get in touch if you have questions or have suggestions on other information we can make searchable!

Gift Certificate, Report, and Daily Manifest Improvements

We've released a few improvements to reports, gift certificates, and more. Here's a round-up of what's new:

Gift Certificates

You can now configure Gift Certificate Items to allow customers to purchase a custom amount within a set price range instead of just a specific amount.


Reports Improvements

We've been rolling out changes to give Checkfront a more modern look and feel for our reports. These improvements have officially launched for all accounts!

  • Each report has a modernized new look
  • The Reports navigation now shows the six most-used booking and revenue reports, nesting other less-common reports under Other Reports
  • Some reports have a new name to indicate better what data they show, which includes:
    • Traffic is now Booking Traffic
    • Sales is now Booking Sales
    • Volume is now Booking Volume
    • Activity Log is now Account Activity
    • Promotions is now Active Discounts
    • Vouchers is now Promotions
    • Allocation & Occupancy is now Occupancy


Other fixes

  • We've improved the user account management page for Admins, making it easier to review all active staff and partner accounts, see the number of seats left on your plan, and better manage permissions. Learn more
  • The Daily Manifest export will now always show the Booking Code first, along with the Booker Name and email, and Activity name
  • The Bookmarks and Items pages got refreshed to be more consistent with other new pages
  • Calendar icons are no longer misaligned on date-picker filters

Export, search, and filter the Daily Manifest

The Daily Manifest can now be exported to .xlsx, .csv, or xml. Download guest, document, and booking data related to the day being viewed.


Customize the export to include only visible data on the page based on the columns displayed or export all guest/booking data form fields using the export column options.


You can also search the Daily Manifest to find bookings more easily on a specific day. The following are now searchable on the page:

  • Booker and guest names
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Booking codes
  • All guest and/or booking form fields


Lastly, you can now hide canceled bookings from view.

Cancelled bookings.png

Round-up of recently released improvements

The Daily Manifest

  • We've polished the header on smaller devices, and filters now stack to prevent side-scrolling, making for a clean mobile experience.
  • You can now customize which bookings appear based on their status with the new status filter.


Updated Ecommerce Setup Pages

We've refreshed the ecommerce setup pages with a new layout and modern interface. Use the search to easily find new providers and navigate to Active Providers section to better manage connections to third-party providers.


The Dashboard

  • All report widgets now show the current month's partial data if selected in the date filter.
  • The Booking widget shows bookings starting at midnight under Today.
  • The Booking Log widget now displays currency symbols based on the geo selected account settings.
  • All widgets now scroll if the content expands beyond the widget's size.
  • Customer and item names have been added as a column to the Booking Log widget for related booking activity changes and can be also be hidden using Edit Columns.

Introducing, the Daily Manifest!

Grouped by activity and start time of upcoming bookings, the Daily Manifest provides an actionable booking management view to help you plan for the day ahead.

Easily follow-up with guests who haven't signed waivers, check them in with a single click, see which bookings still require payment, and much more!

Here are the highlights of what's new:

  • The Booking Index is now nested under Reports
  • Check bookings in or out in any order based on how you manage your resources for both bookings and guests (if using Guest Forms)
  • Quickly jump to the next day of bookings using the fast-forward icon next to the date picker
  • Change what booking form fields are visible by using the edit columns icon next to the expand rows option
  • Get a quick daily summary of all bookings, revenues, and guests for the day using the insights icon in the header
  • Roll-up information per activity shows a snapshot of how many bookings and guests will be arriving next
  • Export or print the Daily Manifest for those who may not be able to access it online

Visit the Daily Manifest under Booking in the navigation, or review the support documentation to learn more.


A note on upcoming improvements

This is just the beginning of what's new on the Daily Manifest! Here are some improvements we will be adding over the next few weeks:

  • A booking status filter
  • Adding search to make it easier to find bookings using keywords
  • The ability to filter by bookings ending and in-progress
  • Improved export to CSV/XLSX to show all booking and guest information (including all custom fields)
  • Polish for the mobile experience, hiding guest counts if you're not using Guest Forms, and improving the PDF print view

And much more! Don't hesitate to send us an email with questions.

Updated dashboard experience

We've refreshed the dashboard, giving it a modern interface and new functionality to make it easier for you to manage your bookings.

Here are the highlights of what's new:

  • There's no longer a maximum limit for the number of widgets you can have displayed.
  • You can now resize each widget to show more details. Click-and-drag the arrow in the bottom-right corner of each widget to customize the size.
  • The Booking widget now supports checking bookings in-and-out and updating statuses with a single click. Use the new columns icon on the top-right of the widget to add check in/out to the widget.
  • New date pickers appear on each widget to make it easier to find booking information by date.
  • New filters offer personalized reporting views. Filter by partners on the Commissions widget and drill down by category on the Bookings by Item & Category and Bookings by Month widgets.


Improved booking page settings

When customizing booking page layout options, you can now select to show unavailable/sold out items while also listing out, or advancing to, upcoming availability.

To make adjustments to how your booking page configuration functions, head to Manage > Layout and navigate to the Booking Page tab where you can customize the Show and Upcoming settings.


Find new customers with GetYourGuide!


We are thrilled to announce our new integration with GetYourGuide, one of the world's leading marketplaces to book tours, activities and experiences.

Reach more customers, sync availability, and easily manage customer bookings between Checkfront and GetYourGuide.

To get started, simply review our support documentation and enable it under Manage > Integrations.

If you're new to GetYourGuide, hear why we built this integration.

Offer peace of mind to guests without the cost

As a tour and activity operator, flexible cancellation policies can help alleviate purchase anxiety for customers, but they also come at a cost when they result in empty seats that go unfilled.

That's why we're excited to announce the launch of Purchase Protection from TourShield. Provide your guests with the peace of mind of a refundable booking, without risking your revenue.

How it works:

  • Guests are provided with the option to add protection on their booking for a small fee
  • In the case of an unexpected cancellation, TourShield handles the protected guest's claim for a refund
  • You keep the protected guest’s revenue

Purchase Protection is available starting today in regions that also support payments via Stripe.

Learn more about Purchase Protection from TourShield

A new look for add-ons/integrations

We've refreshed our add-ons/integrations page with a new layout and modern interface. Here are the highlights of what's new:

  • The page is now known as Integrations under Manage, instead of Add-ons.
  • A new category sidebar improves navigation and better reflects how each integration supports and connects to your business workflows.
  • An enhanced search that picks up on description, name, and category keywords will make it easier to find what you're looking for.
  • An Active Integrations section shows all the integrations your account has enabled to better manage connections to third-party software.
  • A new Popular section surfaces integrations based on industry trends.


We're continuously working to improve areas of the product you use every day so don't hesitate to get in touch and share your feedback!