An improved in-app text editor!

We've improved the text editor to introduce new styling options and fix a suite of formatting bugs 🌟. Here's what's been updated:

Newly supported

  • Less clicking, more styling. Keyboard shortcuts can now be used to quickly style text. Here are a couple of common shortcuts:
    • cmd+b/ctrl+b will enable bolding
    • cmd+i/ctrl+i will enable italics
  • Double-up on styling for headers. Now, you can apply additional styling to headers for extra emphasis, such as different colors or adding italics.

Spotlight bug fixes

  • Styling will stay consistent when pasting content into any text editor. You no longer have to rely on using the HTML code view to fix pasted-in styles.

  • When using Firefox or Safari, the editor now appears anywhere you'll need to make text edits.

  • Bullets are now displayed for unordered lists.

  • When translating text using Checkfront languages, formatting will now be maintained without having to re-apply styling.

  • When using Checkfront Waivers, the first line of content properly centers when using center align styling.

  • And many more small fixes to ensure styling consistency 🎉!


A suite of improvements to report filtering

New columns on the Sales Report

Using the Columns settings, you can now add to view:

  • Booking Start Date

  • Booking End Date

  • Number of Bookings (Not applicable on booking/booking item reports)

  • External Channel (Only if using the MyAllocator add-on)


Multi-select on report filters

On reports with more than one filter, all non-date filters now support multi-select. Use the ☑️ next to each option in the dropdown to add it to view.


Clear filters

All reports with more than one filter now support Clear, which removes all filtering applied.


All columns on the Transaction report are sortable

The Transaction report Item Name column is now sortable by A → Z / Z → A, like all other columns.

Fixes for waivers, gift certificates, and more!

Waivers / Documents

  • If using waivers or guest forms in the droplet, after your guests complete the required documents, they'll be directed to the completed document/payment page. Previously, the droplet might have frozen, causing the guest to redo the document.

    New to Waivers? Learn more

Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates that are imported will no longer get stuck in a pre-redeemed state causing them to double-count on guest invoices.

Setup and settings

  • When using language translations for Catalonia or Andorra, in the Checkfront Languages setting page, the proper respective country flag now appears!

    New to translations? Check them out under /manage/languages or learn more


  • If you're using the Checkfront APIs, the start and end times in query strings now properly recognize time formats when using both single and double-digits across the start/end times. This means the end_time will no longer default to end_time=9:00 if the start_time uses =9:00 instead of =09:00

Bug fixes for Partner Accounts, Payments, and Waivers

A bundle of Friday fixes!

  • When creating and managing Partner Account permissions, Staff-only permissions will no longer show
  • When managing E-commerce Settings, we now display the accepted Payment Types on the guest payment page
  • For Operators using Waivers, the PDF print view for signed waivers now displays the guests' selected/checked boxes

Update to Quickbooks Merchant Services

If you're using QuickBooks Merchant Services, as of November 12th, 2019, you'll need to update your payment gateway to Intuit's new, improved solution - QuickBooks Payments.

To make the switch, disable Quickbooks Merchant Services and then enable the QuickBooks Payments to ensure continuity in payment services.

Step-by-step instructions are available here in the knowledge base.

An exciting new way to manage your bookings without a subscription fee

Here at Checkfront we believe that pricing shouldn’t stand between you and the booking management platform of your dreams. That’s why we’re introducing our zero payments plan — Flex ✨.

Flex is designed to allow you to take bookings without worrying about monthly subscription fees. With Checkfront Flex an online booking fee is added to the guest invoice at the time of payment.

No monthly fees, all the benefits! Here's just a few:

  • Unlimited bookings
  • Access to all Checkfront features
  • Completely free for you

Learn More to get started with Flex

Bug fixes for e-mail notifications, taxes, and the booking page

Round-up of recent bug fixes released in October!

  • When using Checkfront's Hosted Booking Page, your guests will no longer have to restart when adding items to their booking, leaving the page, and coming back. We've fixed this flow to let your guest know they have an Incomplete Booking.

  • If you're sending e-mail notifications to guests with bookings at the item level, they'll now be sent after payment has been made, instead of when it enters pre-booking status. Learn about item notifications

  • For Operators using translations with Checkfront, we've removed the placeholder text in the item deposit settings to make it more clear when adding and editing that there's no deposit setting yet added

Improvements to gift certificates

A few new enhancements have been added to help you better manage and import Gift Certificates, including:

  • The importer now supports codes between 6 and 64 characters (from 8-64 previously)!
  • A new column, Recipient Email has now been added to the gift certificate table and can be exported. This empowers you to reach out to Customers that have unredeemed Gift Certificates and remind them they have a balance they can use.

Not yet using gift certificates? Learn more about enabling and importing codes in the knowledge base.

Multi-currency display options

Choose which currencies to display on your booking page for guests by using Multi-currency Display!

The new Multi-currency Display add-on is enabled under Manage > Add-ons in the Marketing section. When enabling Multi-currency Display you can configure which currencies are presented.

A reminder displays for guests during the booking process that amounts presented are estimates only and final transaction amounts will be in the currency your company charges as opposed to their selected display currency.

Learn more about using Multi-Currency Display


Bug fixes for payments, reports, and notifications


  • The Booking Index was previously sorted ascending by default. After an update, it then defaulted to descending.


  • When pulling the promotions report we've added improvements to loading times so it no longer timeouts for accounts with many discount codes.

Currency and payments

  • When processing payments, we now pull in the customer's region so users will no longer experience failed payment errors due to the booking form not including their region.
  • Default currencies for Checkfront accounts in Thailand has been updated to THB (Thai Baht).
  • Users making bookings through iPhones are now able to successfully process payment in Safari for accounts using the Checkfront hosted booking page or integrated booking droplet.


partner account settings.png