Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

The latest updates and improvements!





We've been eagerly working behind the scenes on some of your favourite features in Checkfront and are thrilled to share them with you!

Here are the most recent updates and improvements:

Daily Manifest

  • You can now print ALL of the columns you add to the Daily Manifest, even for days when you have a high volume of bookings. Nothing will get cut off so that you can see everything on one page!
  • We've also added Booking Notes as a column so that your staff can stay up to date at first glance, as well as a Discount Code column so they can quickly validate discount eligibility for guests during check-in

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 11.37.03 AM.png

Booking Details

  • The Booking Details panel now shows check-in/check-out text
  • We resolved an issue where duplicate Square refund transactions were being displayed within Booking Details

Booking Edit

  • Any changes you make will only sync to your integrations after you save the booking so that you can ensure the information is good to go
  • If you use older versions of Safari or Firefox, you can now view the correct display of the Booking Edits page

Booking Widget

  • Your guests can now seamlessly complete all fields and buttons on your Waivers and Documents when using incognito browsing
  • We resized the iframe height based on the timeslot dropdown so that the Booking Widget will no longer cut off times and scroll functionality


  • Loving the MyAllocator integration?! Now you have the option to import all external bookings without having to confirm they are correct manually. Not only that, but any manual adjustments made within your Inventory Calendar will now automatically communicate back to MyAllocator
  • We added support for Google Analytics 4 to our existing integration, so you can now upgrade to the latest version!

Site Builder

  • We updated access permissions to comply with Facebook and Instagram's new platform policies, and updated the Instagram integration with Site Builder. If you use the Instagram integration, you must now re-activate expired tokens within your Site Builder settings


  • We resolved an issue in Reports where the calendar was jumping between default and custom dates when a custom date was selected
  • In the Sales report, we stopped the parameter cost from incorrectly multiplying by the booking duration


  • You can now select which Stripe Terminal to assign a refund for more accurate reporting when using multiple card readers
  • We updated the Stripe integration and Square integration to use the latest APIs, allowing us to streamline our responses and take advantage of new functionality, so both payment gateways are faster for you!
  • We fixed ReCaptcha from failing on Stripe Sandbox, so you can now test your Stripe integration without issue
  • As for Square Sandbox, we added support for multiple locations so that it will automatically default to the currency of your Square account, including CAD, USD, and GBP
  • We added enhancements to ensure Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) with Square
  • Tips will no longer deduct twice when payments are made through the Square mobile app
  • We increased the reliability of Sage Pay when using the 3D secure option

Get extra payment protection against fraud with Google ReCAPTCHA


New ✨



Get peace of mind that your booking checkout is protected against fraudulent bot and card-reading activity with the new Google ReCAPTCHA Ecommerce feature!


ReCAPTCHA can currently only be set up when using one of the following Payment Providers:

  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Braintree
  • Moneris

Using a different provider and looking to take advantage of ReCAPTCHA? Get in touch and let us know which provider you're using. This will help us prioritize adding additional compatible providers.

Getting started

Read the complete setup guide in our knowledge base or review the quick summary below.

A new, optional, opt-in setting is now available for Admins to enable via Manage > Ecommerce Setup > Settings.


Toggle on the ReCAPTCHA option at the bottom of the page and follow the Get ReCAPTCHA keys link to get setup in Google.

Google's recommended 0.5 threshold has been automatically configured for setup to ensure that only true-bot activity and fraud get detected and blocked. Read more about Google's threshold setting here.

Setting ReCAPTCHA.png

Important Note! Only Google's V3 ReCAPTCHA option is available at this time. V3 uses a smart algorithm to detect bot and card-reading activity, leaving legitimate bookings to convert friction-free.

V3 recaptcha.png

Once set up, during the payment step of booking checkout, a new Protected by Google badge will appear.


If bot activity is detected, payment will not proceed and a warning will be presented to get in touch directly with your business to proceed with payment.


Recent Improvements and Bug Fixes





Inventory Calendar Improvements

These changes only apply to the new Inventory Calendar experience.

New and Improved

  • Inventory rows expanded will now remain expanded upon re-visiting the Inventory Calendar or changing dates.


  • There's now a quick link to the Daily Manifest on the Bookings tab for quick access to review all bookings for that day.

Daily Manifest Link.png

  • The work you won't see, but will experience: The Calendar has been given a performance boost in the background, making it faster to load availability and bookings as you filter, change dates, and make changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Flex time inventory adjustments will no longer cause a page crash.
  • Items in Product Groups will now also be sorted by Item Weight, within their Product Grouping.
  • When adjusting available inventory for items that are aliased, the adjustment is now reflected on both Items.

General Bug Fixes

  • Notifications sent from in-app will no longer show hidden items in Gmail.
  • Duplicate notifications are no longer sent for Staff issues Gift Certificates.
  • The Booking Status dot on the new Booking Calendar is no longer cut-off.
  • The Salesforce and Zoho integrations can once again be connected.
  • Customer invoices printed from in-app will now respect any explicitly set Customer Languages instead of always printing in the Staff-set language.
  • For users with the Manage Payments permissions, POS transaction dates can now be edited for up to 6 months.

Admin update: New permissions for viewing/editing inventory, gift certificates, and reports


New ✨



We've added new user account permissions for reports access and inventory/gift certificate management to offer further access flexibility!

Update Staff access to read-only or edit access for reports and inventory, manage who can modify availability, and more.

New permissions.png

New Report Permissions

Previously, View Reports gave complete access to the suite of booking and revenue related reports. Now, control which reports are accessible, per Staff, in the new Reports & Booking Data permission section.

Gift Certificate Management

Previously, managing notifications, items, and gift certificates were bundled into a single permission. Now, gift certificate management has a unique set of permissions to aid in both managing and issuing. New permissions include:

  • Manage Gift Certificates: Allows Staff to manage already issued gift certificates on /inventory/giftcerts/
  • Manage Gift Certificate Items: If enabled, Staff can modify all settings related to all Gift Certificates items, including name, descriptions, amounts, etc.
  • Issue Gift Certificates: Manages whether staff and take make a booking, providing a customer with a Gift Certificate.

Inventory Management

Previously, granting inventory permissions meant giving access to manage notifications, rules, and discounts all in one. Now, you can provide just the right amount of access for Staff to manage each area of inventory separately:

  • There is now a set of View Only permissions, which provide read-only access to verify details, but not have access to change and override configuration settings.
  • Notifications, discounts, items, and rules are now all separate permissions for granular control over edit access.
  • A new Change Daily Inventory Availability has been added, which grants Staff the ability to modify ad-hoc per-day/time adjustments on the Inventory Calendar.

All item and category-specific permissions will also respect the new read-only vs. edit permissions.

Admins can manage these permissions per-user account on the User Accounts page, accessible via Manage.

We've honored existing permission settings

No changes have been made to existing user permissions for any Staff account. Admins will still to manually make modifications with the improved permission options to remove access, accordingly.

This decision was made to ensure no Staff loses access or changes without explicit opt-in changes.

Filter the Daily Manifest by Bookings 'Ending' and 'In Progress'


New ✨



As a central hub for booking management, the Daily Manifest is now more flexible with a new Bookings filter. With this new filter, easily find bookings that are Ending, Starting, or are In progress for the day.


Use the Ending filter to find who will be checking out, the In progress filter to review which guests are actively 'in house' or undergoing activities, or Starting as you prep for the day ahead!

By default, the Daily Manifest will continue to display bookings Starting today. Use the Remember Filter Settings via your profile if you commonly use a different view for managing bookings day-to-day!

Bulk inventory adjustments for the new Inventory Calendar


New ✨



Quickly change inventory availability across multiple days with the new bulk inventory adjustment feature on the new Inventory Calendar! A new edit icon (indicated by a pencil) will appear next to each inventory item. Clicking this will enable the new bulk adjustment feature.

Per item, increase or decrease available across multiple dates and times, or edit multiple days at once.


Editing select dates and times

After entering bulk edit mode, click all the applicable days and times that you'd like to change availability on. Once selected, click Edit to make bulk changes.


Review your selected days and times, adjust the available inventory, add a note, and save! Changes will be instantly reflected on the calendar and a note left in the audit log.


Editing multiple days at once

Looking to edit multiple days' availability without clicking each specific time or day? Once you've entered bulk editing, select Edit All Days instead of clicking on an individual cell.


This will bring up a modal that displays all days within your filtered time frame. Select the entire date (shown below), or if you're using timeslots/flex time, expand each day to select specific times within each day.



  • If you need to make adjustments across multiple items, you'll need to re-enter bulk adjustment mode per item to manage each item's changes individually.
  • This is only available on the new Inventory Calendar. To enable the new experience, use the opt-in banner at the top of the Inventory Calendar at /calendar/inventory/.

Improvements for the Inventory Calendar, Booking Index, Search, and More





Inventory Calendar

  • As you scroll the table is no longer fixed. This means that only the date and time header now remains sticky with double the view to see more inventory on the page.


  • The display order of items is now determined first by the Category Weight and then the Item Weight setting for Items within a category.
  • When using Unlimited Inventory settings on items, the required activity log will no longer be erroneously shown on the first sidepanel tab.

Booking Index

  • Search has been added! Search bookings codes, guest names, custom form fields, and more to find specific booking and guest details.


Global Search

  • You can now search for phone numbers that are formatted, such as with brackets, dots, and dashes: +1 (250)-555-555


Daily Manifest

  • The Note field can now be re-added back to the page via Edit Columns.
  • The check-in/out column will no longer be cut-off from view by default.

Booking Calendar

  • Customer names are no longer cut-off when viewing bookings on Week view.

New Inventory Calendar Experience


New ✨



Starting November 18th, 2020, and rolling out over the next week, we'll be enabling early access to a new Inventory Calendar experience!


An on-page banner will be available from Calendar > Inventory to opt-in once early access has reached your account. Early access will be available to all accounts by November 25th.

Overview of what's new

  • A fresh modern look.

  • A more performant experience, meaning less waiting times when loading.

  • 6 weeks of inventory availability are loaded by default (instead of 2).

  • New filters for category, item, and search provide flexible views.

  • An improved, simpler color legend for inventory availability:

    • Blue: 50% or more availability
    • Yellow: Less than 50% availability
    • Red: Sold out!
  • A new booking count displays below availability to review the booking count per inventory item/time.

  • Clicking on any date/time will open a new sidepanel. Use the sidepanel to:

    • Control manual inventory adjustments
    • Quickly review, search, and check-in bookings already made for that time using the Booking tab.
    • Audit previous inventory adjustments in the Activity Log


And much more! Review documentation in our Knowledge Base for a complete overview.

Opt in and provide feedback

Once you've enabled the new experience, a Share Feedback option will be available to send the Product Team feedback on what you love and would like to see improved.

We also shared a list of upcoming iterations we are already working on below!


What's upcoming

We're already working to make the new experience even better! Here's a preview of what we're already working on:

  • Bulk inventory adjustments
  • Having inventory availability rows expanded upon page load
  • Adding search to the Booking tab in the sidepanel
  • Additional filters

The latest bug fixes and improvements






  • The Booking Calendar now has a Show all bookings option. When enabled, all bookings will be loaded, no longer display X more to review all monthly and weekly bookings.


  • The icons for a booking being checked in/out have been updated across the Daily Manifest, Dashboard, Daily List, and Booking Calendar. They now match the same icons and patterns used on the invoice.


booking-calendar-check in.png

  • It's now easier to identify if a booking has checked in — the check-in/out icons are back!

check in.png

  • Notes on the Daily List now support hover-over to review the entire note without needing to view the invoice.


Bug Fixes

  • For countries that observe Daylight Savings Time the Booking Widget will now properly display booking counts for days prior to Daylight Savings being observed.
  • The Sales Report will no longer error when sorting columns related to discounts and taxes.
  • For users using Internet Explorer 11 as their browser of choice the login page will no longer error.
  • The Daily Manifest's Today export has been fixed and will no longer export blank PDFs or CSVs.
  • Notes and emails on the Daily Manifest will no longer be cut off on PDF print view.
  • The Daily List continues to receive small fixes for mobile, making it easier to view more information without scrolling.
  • Notes can now be added independently of any other bulk actions when making bulk updates to bookings on the Booking Index and Daily List.
  • The Daily Booking Summary on the Daily List now shows the blue inventory consumed bar for timeslot inventory.

New profile settings to remember filters and views across the product


New ✨



We've introduced a new Profile Page that now supports Remember Filter Settings options.

Overview of the new settings

  • Do not remember | This is currently how filters work. As soon as you navigate from a page every filter applied is 'forgotten' and reset.

  • Remember filters per session | Remember filters on supported pages until you are logged out due to an expired session, or manually log out.

  • Remember filters until cleared manually | Even upon logout, filters will be remembered until they are manually cleared. For example, you can clear filters on one page, but keep settings on another.

There is also a Clear Filters option to ‘reset’ all filters on all pages. Head to Profile to explore the new settings at the bottom of the profile page!


Additional feature notes

These settings are per user account so everyone can choose the option that best fits how they want to interact with Checkfront.

Here are all the pages and locations these settings apply to:

  • Booking Calendar, including the Month/Week/Day view settings
  • All reports
  • The Booking Index
  • Daily Manifest
  • Daily List
  • The Inventory Management Page