Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

Improvements for the Inventory Calendar, Booking Index, Search, and More





Inventory Calendar

  • As you scroll the table is no longer fixed. This means that only the date and time header now remains sticky with double the view to see more inventory on the page.


  • The display order of items is now determined first by the Category Weight and then the Item Weight setting for Items within a category.
  • When using Unlimited Inventory settings on items, the required activity log will no longer be erroneously shown on the first sidepanel tab.

Booking Index

  • Search has been added! Search bookings codes, guest names, custom form fields, and more to find specific booking and guest details.


Global Search

  • You can now search for phone numbers that are formatted, such as with brackets, dots, and dashes: +1 (250)-555-555


Daily Manifest

  • The Note field can now be re-added back to the page via Edit Columns.
  • The check-in/out column will no longer be cut-off from view by default.

Booking Calendar

  • Customer names are no longer cut-off when viewing bookings on Week view.

New Inventory Calendar Experience


New ✨



Starting November 18th, 2020, and rolling out over the next week, we'll be enabling early access to a new Inventory Calendar experience!


An on-page banner will be available from Calendar > Inventory to opt-in once early access has reached your account. Early access will be available to all accounts by November 25th.

Overview of what's new

  • A fresh modern look.

  • A more performant experience, meaning less waiting times when loading.

  • 6 weeks of inventory availability are loaded by default (instead of 2).

  • New filters for category, item, and search provide flexible views.

  • An improved, simpler color legend for inventory availability:

    • Blue: 50% or more availability
    • Yellow: Less than 50% availability
    • Red: Sold out!
  • A new booking count displays below availability to review the booking count per inventory item/time.

  • Clicking on any date/time will open a new sidepanel. Use the sidepanel to:

    • Control manual inventory adjustments
    • Quickly review, search, and check-in bookings already made for that time using the Booking tab.
    • Audit previous inventory adjustments in the Activity Log


And much more! Review documentation in our Knowledge Base for a complete overview.

Opt in and provide feedback

Once you've enabled the new experience, a Share Feedback option will be available to send the Product Team feedback on what you love and would like to see improved.

We also shared a list of upcoming iterations we are already working on below!


What's upcoming

We're already working to make the new experience even better! Here's a preview of what we're already working on:

  • Bulk inventory adjustments
  • Having inventory availability rows expanded upon page load
  • Adding search to the Booking tab in the sidepanel
  • Additional filters

The latest bug fixes and improvements






  • The Booking Calendar now has a Show all bookings option. When enabled, all bookings will be loaded, no longer display X more to review all monthly and weekly bookings.


  • The icons for a booking being checked in/out have been updated across the Daily Manifest, Dashboard, Daily List, and Booking Calendar. They now match the same icons and patterns used on the invoice.


booking-calendar-check in.png

  • It's now easier to identify if a booking has checked in — the check-in/out icons are back!

check in.png

  • Notes on the Daily List now support hover-over to review the entire note without needing to view the invoice.


Bug Fixes

  • For countries that observe Daylight Savings Time the Booking Widget will now properly display booking counts for days prior to Daylight Savings being observed.
  • The Sales Report will no longer error when sorting columns related to discounts and taxes.
  • For users using Internet Explorer 11 as their browser of choice the login page will no longer error.
  • The Daily Manifest's Today export has been fixed and will no longer export blank PDFs or CSVs.
  • Notes and emails on the Daily Manifest will no longer be cut off on PDF print view.
  • The Daily List continues to receive small fixes for mobile, making it easier to view more information without scrolling.
  • Notes can now be added independently of any other bulk actions when making bulk updates to bookings on the Booking Index and Daily List.
  • The Daily Booking Summary on the Daily List now shows the blue inventory consumed bar for timeslot inventory.

New profile settings to remember filters and views across the product


New ✨



We've introduced a new Profile Page that now supports Remember Filter Settings options.

Overview of the new settings

  • Do not remember | This is currently how filters work. As soon as you navigate from a page every filter applied is 'forgotten' and reset.

  • Remember filters per session | Remember filters on supported pages until you are logged out due to an expired session, or manually log out.

  • Remember filters until cleared manually | Even upon logout, filters will be remembered until they are manually cleared. For example, you can clear filters on one page, but keep settings on another.

There is also a Clear Filters option to ‘reset’ all filters on all pages. Head to Profile to explore the new settings at the bottom of the profile page!


Additional feature notes

These settings are per user account so everyone can choose the option that best fits how they want to interact with Checkfront.

Here are all the pages and locations these settings apply to:

  • Booking Calendar, including the Month/Week/Day view settings
  • All reports
  • The Booking Index
  • Daily Manifest
  • Daily List
  • The Inventory Management Page

Fixes for the Daily List, Booking Calendar, and Exports





Daily List

  • Note fields now appear on all export types, no longer showing as blank.
  • The date has been added to the header for easy reference of which date was exported.
  • The Discount Code column has been restored and can be re-enabled via Edit Columns.
  • When exporting, booking statuses will show the full status name instead of just the ID.

Booking Calendar

  • Locale support has been added to date headers. For example, if using Month/Day instead of Day/Month formatting, the week and day view header now properly formats dates relative to your locale settings.
  • All bookings will now be displayed on the calendar if locale settings are set to a Monday start-of-week. Countries that observe Daylight Savings Time will no longer experience incorrect end-times/bookings not displaying.


  • All exports will now export dates and times using account locale settings.
  • 🆕 When exporting, there's a new option to export date and times following ISO time. This is an optional setting that exports date and time to a standard, computer-friendly format specifically used for re-importing data into third-party systems, such as a Business Intelligence tool.


Booking Calendar and Daily List Improvements





Based on early feedback, we have made further improvements to the Daily List and new Booking Calendar!

Booking Calendar

  • Booking statuses are now more defined. The background color displays more prominently, matching the booking status color.


  • On the Day view, the calendar now properly displays the time ledger instead of defaulting only to a list view.


Daily List

  • In the Daily Booking Summary section the bar graph that provided a quick visual of inventory consumed has been brought back!


Thank you to everyone submitting feedback in-app!

We're continuing to work on priority fixes related to the Daily List export, mobile view improvements, and text-wrapping for longer notes.

As a reminder, you can continue to submit feedback at any time using Give Feedback in-app or by getting in touch with Support.

Daily List Bug Fixes





Exporting Selected Bookings

  • When selecting certain bookings and making bulk updates, you can now also bulk export only select bookings instead of having to export all.


Time Display Updates

  • The Start Time for bookings will now show the Booking's actual Start Time instead of erroneously displaying the current date.

start time.png

  • The time headers when viewing the Daily List by Time now respect locale settings, no longer always displaying in 24 hour time.


Form Field and General Display Improvements

  • Custom booking fields such as First Name and Last Name will no longer appear as blank rows in Edit columns.
  • If using City as a custom booking field, the selected city will now appear on the Daily List instead of showing as a blank cell.
  • Form fields using ' in the name will no longer display random characters in the header column.
  • Viewing the Daily List on mobile will now be full-screen, optimizing for screen space.
  • If using pre-tax Discounts, the total item price will now properly be shown on the Daily List instead of the incorrect full item price.

Improved Daily List





With the upcoming sunset of the Daily Summary as of October 1st, we've updated the Daily List and added new functionality based on recent feedback. This includes filter and search improvements, a new Daily Summary section, and improved bulk actions.

The improved Daily List will be rolled out to accounts over the next few days.

Daily List.png

Overview of what's new

The new Daily List has new filters for more robust searching. You can now search by Booking Status and use the on-page Search to quickly find specific bookings. The following are searchable:

  • Booker Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Booking Code
  • Any column added and visible on the page, including notes, parameters, and custom form fields


The Daily List now supports updating the Booking Status on-page, displays check-in and out times by adding the Check In and Check Out columns via Edit Columns, and has Expand and Collapse all within a category for quick collapsing of specific items and times.

Daily Booking Summary

The new Daily Booking Summary provides a snapshot of consumed inventory for the day, breakdown of revenue per-item, and more.

Daily Summary.png

Bulk Updates

We’ve made it easier to enter bulk actions and understand what's changing. Click on any individual booking row to select a particular booking, or select the checkbox on the item row to bulk-select all bookings in that section. Previously, bookings had to be individually selected.


Share your feedback!

Use the Give feedback option to let us know what you love or what you'd like to see improved. You can submit as much feedback as you like, at any time.

Give feedback.png

New Booking Calendar Experience


New ✨



Over the next week, we'll be enabling early access to a new Booking Calendar experience! On the Month, Week, and Day view, an on-page banner will be available once early access has reached your account to enable the new experience.


Overview of what's new

  • A fresh modern look
  • A more performant experience, meaning less waiting times when loading
  • View the calendar by guest name or by the items reserved on a booking
  • More robust filters, including by category, item, booking source, status, and custom search
  • View bookings in a list format in the Week and Day views to review busier days of the week
  • A new booking side panel makes it quick to scan all bookings for a day and supports check-in/out and status changes
  • And much more!

Review the documentation in our Knowledge Base


Early Access? This is new! Tell me more…

We've been busily working to refresh and modernize the product. We received feedback that these changes were loved, but many customers wanted more time to explore what's new, train Staff, and offer feedback before making that change permanent.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! As a result, we are rolling out our next series of improvements to our calendars through Early Access. These releases will now come with a temporary, optional opt-in while we explore how these improvements help your business.

How to share your feedback

Once you've enabled the new experience, a Share Feedback option will be available to send the Product team feedback on what you love and would like to see improved.

Your feedback will help shape what comes up next for our calendars. You can submit as much feedback as you'd like, at any time.


We look forward to hearing from you 🎉

Recently released improvements





Daily Manifest

  • We fixed a bug that prevented an export on the Daily Manifest when viewing 'today's date.'
  • When using only First Name or Full Name booking form fields, null will no longer display at the end of a customer's name on the Daily Manifest.
  • Parameters with numbers or _s in them will now properly display when toggled on via Edit columns on the Daily Manifest.

Permissions and User Accounts

  • Admins can now set permissions for simple, gift certificate, and in-package only items for restricted Staff accounts.


  • The Occupancy report export is no longer missing for Staff accounts with export permissions.
  • All reports will now only display the export button if an account has permissions to export data.
  • Currencies that use commas are now supported and no longer break report formatting.
  • The loading time of the Sales Report has been improved to boost performance and reduce loading errors.
  • Inclusive tax properly displays on the Booking Index instead of showing blank for currencies that use commas.
  • The Booking Volume report chart no longer counts voided bookings.


  • Customer/Guest addresses that include numbers will now properly display on the customer map pop-up.
  • Updating items and categories names with non-roman characters no longer cause saving errors.
  • The global search now displays the most recent booking when multiple booking results match and loads results much faster!