A new in-app search!

A new global search makes it easier to find bookings, guests, navigate pages, and pick-up where you recently left off.


Here's an overview of what's new

  • The search now displays what the result relates to, and where it links so that you can quickly find what you're looking for. As an example, searching a booking code will show who made the booking and link to that booking's invoice.
  • The following are now searchable:
    • Invoice notes
    • All non-archived booking form fields
    • All guest form fields and guest details (if using Guest Forms)
    • Booker names, emails, phone numbers, and fields (such as address)
    • Pages for quick-access
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to activate and navigate search results. Use / to trigger the search anywhere in-app, the up and down arrow keys to browse the search results, and enter to be taken directly to the selected search.
  • The last ten successful searches clicked will re-appear the next time you search for quick access to previously viewed bookings or guests

Get in touch if you have questions or have suggestions on other information we can make searchable!