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Checkfront updates

Admin update: New permissions for viewing/editing inventory, gift certificates, and reports


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We've added new user account permissions for reports access and inventory/gift certificate management to offer further access flexibility!

Update Staff access to read-only or edit access for reports and inventory, manage who can modify availability, and more.

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New Report Permissions

Previously, View Reports gave complete access to the suite of booking and revenue related reports. Now, control which reports are accessible, per Staff, in the new Reports & Booking Data permission section.

Gift Certificate Management

Previously, managing notifications, items, and gift certificates were bundled into a single permission. Now, gift certificate management has a unique set of permissions to aid in both managing and issuing. New permissions include:

  • Manage Gift Certificates: Allows Staff to manage already issued gift certificates on /inventory/giftcerts/
  • Manage Gift Certificate Items: If enabled, Staff can modify all settings related to all Gift Certificates items, including name, descriptions, amounts, etc.
  • Issue Gift Certificates: Manages whether staff and take make a booking, providing a customer with a Gift Certificate.

Inventory Management

Previously, granting inventory permissions meant giving access to manage notifications, rules, and discounts all in one. Now, you can provide just the right amount of access for Staff to manage each area of inventory separately:

  • There is now a set of View Only permissions, which provide read-only access to verify details, but not have access to change and override configuration settings.
  • Notifications, discounts, items, and rules are now all separate permissions for granular control over edit access.
  • A new Change Daily Inventory Availability has been added, which grants Staff the ability to modify ad-hoc per-day/time adjustments on the Inventory Calendar.

All item and category-specific permissions will also respect the new read-only vs. edit permissions.

Admins can manage these permissions per-user account on the User Accounts page, accessible via Manage.

We've honored existing permission settings

No changes have been made to existing user permissions for any Staff account. Admins will still to manually make modifications with the improved permission options to remove access, accordingly.

This decision was made to ensure no Staff loses access or changes without explicit opt-in changes.