An improved in-app text editor!

We've improved the text editor to introduce new styling options and fix a suite of formatting bugs 🌟. Here's what's been updated:

Newly supported

  • Less clicking, more styling. Keyboard shortcuts can now be used to quickly style text. Here are a couple of common shortcuts:
    • cmd+b/ctrl+b will enable bolding
    • cmd+i/ctrl+i will enable italics
  • Double-up on styling for headers. Now, you can apply additional styling to headers for extra emphasis, such as different colors or adding italics.

Spotlight bug fixes

  • Styling will stay consistent when pasting content into any text editor. You no longer have to rely on using the HTML code view to fix pasted-in styles.

  • When using Firefox or Safari, the editor now appears anywhere you'll need to make text edits.

  • Bullets are now displayed for unordered lists.

  • When translating text using Checkfront languages, formatting will now be maintained without having to re-apply styling.

  • When using Checkfront Waivers, the first line of content properly centers when using center align styling.

  • And many more small fixes to ensure styling consistency 🎉!