Bug fixes for calendar navigation, language translations, and integrations

Here's a round-up of recent product fixes!

  • When navigating away from any calendar view to view a booking or guest record, the date/view you were previously looking at is now remembered when using the back button.
  • When viewing customer calendars the date is now stored in the URL for easy link sharing.
  • The Customer print button on staff-side invoice pages now translates to the correct customer language if set, instead of defaulting to English.
  • The text editor will now properly display when editing an item's details. In some instances, it wasn't loading in the description section for previously created items.
  • If using the MyAllocator integration with Stripe Payments, there's now a CVC not present checkbox to accept payments incoming through channels where CVC input is unavailable.
  • The OnceThere integration now redirects to the correct URL for setup.

Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback!