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Checkfront updates

Bulk inventory adjustments for the new Inventory Calendar


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Quickly change inventory availability across multiple days with the new bulk inventory adjustment feature on the new Inventory Calendar! A new edit icon (indicated by a pencil) will appear next to each inventory item. Clicking this will enable the new bulk adjustment feature.

Per item, increase or decrease available across multiple dates and times, or edit multiple days at once.


Editing select dates and times

After entering bulk edit mode, click all the applicable days and times that you'd like to change availability on. Once selected, click Edit to make bulk changes.


Review your selected days and times, adjust the available inventory, add a note, and save! Changes will be instantly reflected on the calendar and a note left in the audit log.


Editing multiple days at once

Looking to edit multiple days' availability without clicking each specific time or day? Once you've entered bulk editing, select Edit All Days instead of clicking on an individual cell.


This will bring up a modal that displays all days within your filtered time frame. Select the entire date (shown below), or if you're using timeslots/flex time, expand each day to select specific times within each day.



  • If you need to make adjustments across multiple items, you'll need to re-enter bulk adjustment mode per item to manage each item's changes individually.
  • This is only available on the new Inventory Calendar. To enable the new experience, use the opt-in banner at the top of the Inventory Calendar at /calendar/inventory/.