Fixes for waivers, gift certificates, and more!

Waivers / Documents

  • If using waivers or guest forms in the droplet, after your guests complete the required documents, they'll be directed to the completed document/payment page. Previously, the droplet might have frozen, causing the guest to redo the document.

    New to Waivers? Learn more

Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificates that are imported will no longer get stuck in a pre-redeemed state causing them to double-count on guest invoices.

Setup and settings

  • When using language translations for Catalonia or Andorra, in the Checkfront Languages setting page, the proper respective country flag now appears!

    New to translations? Check them out under /manage/languages or learn more


  • If you're using the Checkfront APIs, the start and end times in query strings now properly recognize time formats when using both single and double-digits across the start/end times. This means the end_time will no longer default to end_time=9:00 if the start_time uses =9:00 instead of =09:00