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Checkfront updates

Get extra payment protection against fraud with Google ReCAPTCHA


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Get peace of mind that your booking checkout is protected against fraudulent bot and card-reading activity with the new Google ReCAPTCHA Ecommerce feature!


ReCAPTCHA can currently only be set up when using one of the following Payment Providers:

  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Braintree
  • Moneris

Using a different provider and looking to take advantage of ReCAPTCHA? Get in touch and let us know which provider you're using. This will help us prioritize adding additional compatible providers.

Getting started

Read the complete setup guide in our knowledge base or review the quick summary below.

A new, optional, opt-in setting is now available for Admins to enable via Manage > Ecommerce Setup > Settings.


Toggle on the ReCAPTCHA option at the bottom of the page and follow the Get ReCAPTCHA keys link to get setup in Google.

Google's recommended 0.5 threshold has been automatically configured for setup to ensure that only true-bot activity and fraud get detected and blocked. Read more about Google's threshold setting here.

Setting ReCAPTCHA.png

Important Note! Only Google's V3 ReCAPTCHA option is available at this time. V3 uses a smart algorithm to detect bot and card-reading activity, leaving legitimate bookings to convert friction-free.

V3 recaptcha.png

Once set up, during the payment step of booking checkout, a new Protected by Google badge will appear.


If bot activity is detected, payment will not proceed and a warning will be presented to get in touch directly with your business to proceed with payment.