Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

Improvements for the Inventory Calendar, Booking Index, Search, and More





Inventory Calendar

  • As you scroll the table is no longer fixed. This means that only the date and time header now remains sticky with double the view to see more inventory on the page.


  • The display order of items is now determined first by the Category Weight and then the Item Weight setting for Items within a category.
  • When using Unlimited Inventory settings on items, the required activity log will no longer be erroneously shown on the first sidepanel tab.

Booking Index

  • Search has been added! Search bookings codes, guest names, custom form fields, and more to find specific booking and guest details.


Global Search

  • You can now search for phone numbers that are formatted, such as with brackets, dots, and dashes: +1 (250)-555-555


Daily Manifest

  • The Note field can now be re-added back to the page via Edit Columns.
  • The check-in/out column will no longer be cut-off from view by default.

Booking Calendar

  • Customer names are no longer cut-off when viewing bookings on Week view.