Introducing, the Daily Manifest!

Grouped by activity and start time of upcoming bookings, the Daily Manifest provides an actionable booking management view to help you plan for the day ahead.

Easily follow-up with guests who haven't signed waivers, check them in with a single click, see which bookings still require payment, and much more!

Here are the highlights of what's new:

  • The Booking Index is now nested under Reports
  • Check bookings in or out in any order based on how you manage your resources for both bookings and guests (if using Guest Forms)
  • Quickly jump to the next day of bookings using the fast-forward icon next to the date picker
  • Change what booking form fields are visible by using the edit columns icon next to the expand rows option
  • Get a quick daily summary of all bookings, revenues, and guests for the day using the insights icon in the header
  • Roll-up information per activity shows a snapshot of how many bookings and guests will be arriving next
  • Export or print the Daily Manifest for those who may not be able to access it online

Visit the Daily Manifest under Booking in the navigation, or review the support documentation to learn more.


A note on upcoming improvements

This is just the beginning of what's new on the Daily Manifest! Here are some improvements we will be adding over the next few weeks:

  • A booking status filter
  • Adding search to make it easier to find bookings using keywords
  • The ability to filter by bookings ending and in-progress
  • Improved export to CSV/XLSX to show all booking and guest information (including all custom fields)
  • Polish for the mobile experience, hiding guest counts if you're not using Guest Forms, and improving the PDF print view

And much more! Don't hesitate to send us an email with questions.