Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

New Inventory Calendar Experience


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Starting November 18th, 2020, and rolling out over the next week, we'll be enabling early access to a new Inventory Calendar experience!


An on-page banner will be available from Calendar > Inventory to opt-in once early access has reached your account. Early access will be available to all accounts by November 25th.

Overview of what's new

  • A fresh modern look.

  • A more performant experience, meaning less waiting times when loading.

  • 6 weeks of inventory availability are loaded by default (instead of 2).

  • New filters for category, item, and search provide flexible views.

  • An improved, simpler color legend for inventory availability:

    • Blue: 50% or more availability
    • Yellow: Less than 50% availability
    • Red: Sold out!
  • A new booking count displays below availability to review the booking count per inventory item/time.

  • Clicking on any date/time will open a new sidepanel. Use the sidepanel to:

    • Control manual inventory adjustments
    • Quickly review, search, and check-in bookings already made for that time using the Booking tab.
    • Audit previous inventory adjustments in the Activity Log


And much more! Review documentation in our Knowledge Base for a complete overview.

Opt in and provide feedback

Once you've enabled the new experience, a Share Feedback option will be available to send the Product Team feedback on what you love and would like to see improved.

We also shared a list of upcoming iterations we are already working on below!


What's upcoming

We're already working to make the new experience even better! Here's a preview of what we're already working on:

  • Bulk inventory adjustments
  • Having inventory availability rows expanded upon page load
  • Adding search to the Booking tab in the sidepanel
  • Additional filters