Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

New profile settings to remember filters and views across the product


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We've introduced a new Profile Page that now supports Remember Filter Settings options.

Overview of the new settings

  • Do not remember | This is currently how filters work. As soon as you navigate from a page every filter applied is 'forgotten' and reset.

  • Remember filters per session | Remember filters on supported pages until you are logged out due to an expired session, or manually log out.

  • Remember filters until cleared manually | Even upon logout, filters will be remembered until they are manually cleared. For example, you can clear filters on one page, but keep settings on another.

There is also a Clear Filters option to ‘reset’ all filters on all pages. Head to Profile to explore the new settings at the bottom of the profile page!


Additional feature notes

These settings are per user account so everyone can choose the option that best fits how they want to interact with Checkfront.

Here are all the pages and locations these settings apply to:

  • Booking Calendar, including the Month/Week/Day view settings
  • All reports
  • The Booking Index
  • Daily Manifest
  • Daily List
  • The Inventory Management Page