Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

Recent Improvements and Bug Fixes





Inventory Calendar Improvements

These changes only apply to the new Inventory Calendar experience.

New and Improved

  • Inventory rows expanded will now remain expanded upon re-visiting the Inventory Calendar or changing dates.


  • There's now a quick link to the Daily Manifest on the Bookings tab for quick access to review all bookings for that day.

Daily Manifest Link.png

  • The work you won't see, but will experience: The Calendar has been given a performance boost in the background, making it faster to load availability and bookings as you filter, change dates, and make changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Flex time inventory adjustments will no longer cause a page crash.
  • Items in Product Groups will now also be sorted by Item Weight, within their Product Grouping.
  • When adjusting available inventory for items that are aliased, the adjustment is now reflected on both Items.

General Bug Fixes

  • Notifications sent from in-app will no longer show hidden items in Gmail.
  • Duplicate notifications are no longer sent for Staff issues Gift Certificates.
  • The Booking Status dot on the new Booking Calendar is no longer cut-off.
  • The Salesforce and Zoho integrations can once again be connected.
  • Customer invoices printed from in-app will now respect any explicitly set Customer Languages instead of always printing in the Staff-set language.
  • For users with the Manage Payments permissions, POS transaction dates can now be edited for up to 6 months.