Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

Release Notes - Q3 Updates


New ✨

  • The GetYourGuide integration now works with the Product Builder.
  • Automated notifications can now be set to be sent on the hour!
  • You can now add a default status for partners to trigger email notifications and keep track of partner bookings as they come in.
  • We’ve added in-app notifications to let you know when a new booking has been made.



  • We’ve updated how to remove guests and their attached documents from a booking.
  • Email bounce notifications will automatically clear once a new booking email has been entered. Note you will need to update the booking status to re-trigger the email notification.
  • Customers can easily navigate back to the waiver when an external link is visited from a waiver.





  • Fixed an issue where package upsells were preventing some Operators from saving changes when editing a booking.


  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Manifest’s Assigned Asset details were not exporting as expected.
  • Fixed an issue on the Daily Manifest where some multi-day bookings did not show as expected when filtered by “Ending” or “In Progress.”


  • Fixed a discrepancy on the Waivers “updated date” when the customer is in a different timezone.


  • Fixed an issue with Product Upsell Packages where Guests were not mapping to upsell options as expected.


  • Fixed an issue that impacted GetYourGuide connectivity for some timeslot inventory.

Gift Certificates

  • Fixed an issue when refunding Gift Certificates where there was a discrepancy in rounded balances.

Booking Page

  • Fixed an issue that prevented mobile scrolling for some Site Builder booking pages.