Round-up of recently released improvements

The Daily Manifest

  • We've polished the header on smaller devices, and filters now stack to prevent side-scrolling, making for a clean mobile experience.
  • You can now customize which bookings appear based on their status with the new status filter.


Updated Ecommerce Setup Pages

We've refreshed the ecommerce setup pages with a new layout and modern interface. Use the search to easily find new providers and navigate to Active Providers section to better manage connections to third-party providers.


The Dashboard

  • All report widgets now show the current month's partial data if selected in the date filter.
  • The Booking widget shows bookings starting at midnight under Today.
  • The Booking Log widget now displays currency symbols based on the geo selected account settings.
  • All widgets now scroll if the content expands beyond the widget's size.
  • Customer and item names have been added as a column to the Booking Log widget for related booking activity changes and can be also be hidden using Edit Columns.