Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

The latest bug fixes and improvements






  • The Booking Calendar now has a Show all bookings option. When enabled, all bookings will be loaded, no longer display X more to review all monthly and weekly bookings.


  • The icons for a booking being checked in/out have been updated across the Daily Manifest, Dashboard, Daily List, and Booking Calendar. They now match the same icons and patterns used on the invoice.


booking-calendar-check in.png

  • It's now easier to identify if a booking has checked in — the check-in/out icons are back!

check in.png

  • Notes on the Daily List now support hover-over to review the entire note without needing to view the invoice.


Bug Fixes

  • For countries that observe Daylight Savings Time the Booking Widget will now properly display booking counts for days prior to Daylight Savings being observed.
  • The Sales Report will no longer error when sorting columns related to discounts and taxes.
  • For users using Internet Explorer 11 as their browser of choice the login page will no longer error.
  • The Daily Manifest's Today export has been fixed and will no longer export blank PDFs or CSVs.
  • Notes and emails on the Daily Manifest will no longer be cut off on PDF print view.
  • The Daily List continues to receive small fixes for mobile, making it easier to view more information without scrolling.
  • Notes can now be added independently of any other bulk actions when making bulk updates to bookings on the Booking Index and Daily List.
  • The Daily Booking Summary on the Daily List now shows the blue inventory consumed bar for timeslot inventory.