Checkfront updates
Checkfront updates

The latest updates and improvements!





We've been eagerly working behind the scenes on some of your favourite features in Checkfront and are thrilled to share them with you!

Here are the most recent updates and improvements:

Daily Manifest

  • You can now print ALL of the columns you add to the Daily Manifest, even for days when you have a high volume of bookings. Nothing will get cut off so that you can see everything on one page!
  • We've also added Booking Notes as a column so that your staff can stay up to date at first glance, as well as a Discount Code column so they can quickly validate discount eligibility for guests during check-in

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 11.37.03 AM.png

Booking Details

  • The Booking Details panel now shows check-in/check-out text
  • We resolved an issue where duplicate Square refund transactions were being displayed within Booking Details

Booking Edit

  • Any changes you make will only sync to your integrations after you save the booking so that you can ensure the information is good to go
  • If you use older versions of Safari or Firefox, you can now view the correct display of the Booking Edits page

Booking Widget

  • Your guests can now seamlessly complete all fields and buttons on your Waivers and Documents when using incognito browsing
  • We resized the iframe height based on the timeslot dropdown so that the Booking Widget will no longer cut off times and scroll functionality


  • Loving the MyAllocator integration?! Now you have the option to import all external bookings without having to confirm they are correct manually. Not only that, but any manual adjustments made within your Inventory Calendar will now automatically communicate back to MyAllocator
  • We added support for Google Analytics 4 to our existing integration, so you can now upgrade to the latest version!

Site Builder

  • We updated access permissions to comply with Facebook and Instagram's new platform policies, and updated the Instagram integration with Site Builder. If you use the Instagram integration, you must now re-activate expired tokens within your Site Builder settings


  • We resolved an issue in Reports where the calendar was jumping between default and custom dates when a custom date was selected
  • In the Sales report, we stopped the parameter cost from incorrectly multiplying by the booking duration


  • You can now select which Stripe Terminal to assign a refund for more accurate reporting when using multiple card readers
  • We updated the Stripe integration and Square integration to use the latest APIs, allowing us to streamline our responses and take advantage of new functionality, so both payment gateways are faster for you!
  • We fixed ReCaptcha from failing on Stripe Sandbox, so you can now test your Stripe integration without issue
  • As for Square Sandbox, we added support for multiple locations so that it will automatically default to the currency of your Square account, including CAD, USD, and GBP
  • We added enhancements to ensure Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) with Square
  • Tips will no longer deduct twice when payments are made through the Square mobile app
  • We increased the reliability of Sage Pay when using the 3D secure option