Updated dashboard experience

We've refreshed the dashboard, giving it a modern interface and new functionality to make it easier for you to manage your bookings.

Here are the highlights of what's new:

  • There's no longer a maximum limit for the number of widgets you can have displayed.
  • You can now resize each widget to show more details. Click-and-drag the arrow in the bottom-right corner of each widget to customize the size.
  • The Booking widget now supports checking bookings in-and-out and updating statuses with a single click. Use the new columns icon on the top-right of the widget to add check in/out to the widget.
  • New date pickers appear on each widget to make it easier to find booking information by date.
  • New filters offer personalized reporting views. Filter by partners on the Commissions widget and drill down by category on the Bookings by Item & Category and Bookings by Month widgets.